The Alexander Technique of Physiotherapy

Alexander Technique, FM Alexander, the inventor's name. He lives 1869 ~ 1955. He is an actor, is visiting Tasmania, Australia Shakespeare Company. His voice began to have problems the rest is history.

Alexander's throat in a very hoarse, and he ran all the doctors at any time. He does not have a can to help them. They could not find a physical cause of the problem. Alexander Technique is not a person to take any one answer.

I have nobody to help him, Alexander began to watch his every move. He looked in the mirror, I spent a lot of time trying to be wrong, he is. 9 years, he came up with a solution: Alexander technique.

Alexander designed system, the trick is to restore his voice. This is short of a miracle for him to do anything. His voice is the most important thing is he as an actor. He is the Alexander technique, the system's name is not. He referred to the main control.

Alexander Technique assumptions, head, neck, body, function and movement factors, and posture. In other words, these parts of the body to control these features of human anatomy.

Through his observations, he was able to extract these body parts, according to the physical, learned that the design did not work. For him, this is a poor attitude in his voice hoarse voice. In addition, he had other problems, Alexander Technique, or master control, I can help.

Alexander Puraimarikontororu use, it is the location of the head and neck, body, body work. Now, the Alexander technique, used in clinics throughout the country. This is teaching people young and old. It can tell anyone I was.

Alexander Technique practitioners are often associated with individuals. Alexander Technique can teach a group, it is not standardized. Education through technology and physical therapy can improve the overall support of the use of their bodies than those key practitioners.

Alexander Technique The idea is to provide physical therapy allows the muscles to become relaxed. It is said to come back to the position of the people should have been. In the form that the human body as a whole will be affected by the work of the various parts of the body is doing Alexander Technique.

Alexander is a highly specialized technical areas of physiotherapy. In this way, to solve the problem of the position, but there are many problems. It is not a major disease for people generally. Other forms of physical therapy these patients is excellent. However, for minor problems, Alexander Technique, which is known miracle.